Common Inquiries About
A Pocket Full of Plays, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a perusal copy or sample of the script?

A: Each play has a page that includes a synopsis and a cutting taken from the script, along with samples of three musical numbers. By reviewing these, you should get a good sense for the flavor and style of the show and if it’s one your cast would enjoy. If you would like to read the entire play, you can download a perusal copy from our web site for just $8. royalties.Please keep in mind that these are for perusal/individual use only and may not be copied for production use without the purchase of a Performance License that covers

How many scripts do I have to buy?

A: Our scripts are conveniently available as a download from our web site. After you have the paid the royalty fees for the number of performances you have planned, then you can purchase the material, which includes a copy of your player’s script, the director’s script, score and rehearsal audio files, and a performance audio file in mp3 format. After you have downloaded your material, you can make as many copies of the script as you need for your cast. Our shows usually have up to 25 characters, so you will find this method far less expensive than having to purchase individual scripts. It also saves on shipping, and the material is immediately available.

What does the Director’s Script include?

A: The Director’s Script offers valuable information to help you stage a successful production. It contains Production Notes, which include character descriptions, choreography hints, costume suggestions, and set designs. You will also find useful information about how to audition children, run a rehearsal, and direct a successful performance.

What’s included in a CD set?

A: Each CD set includes two CDs. The first has the vocals and background instrumentation, providing a way for your cast to learn the music. The second CD contains the accompaniment without the vocals. This recording is handy for groups that may not have an accompanist and want to use recorded music for the performance. This CD set is included as part of the score, so your group will have the option of using your own piano accompaniment or the CD.

Do I have to pay a royalty even if the audience doesn’t pay to see the show?

A: Yes. A royalty fee is due for each performance before an audience even if it is for a school or church group, an assembly program, or a dress rehearsal of any size in any location, whether or not admission is charged. When ordering your show you will select the number of performances you will be presenting and will be charged accordingly. Your Production Packet will include a Performance License, which gives you the rights to perform the play and make as many copies of the script as you need for your cast and crew. You will be required to print, sign, and return the Performance License to us.

Why do we have to pay royalties on a children’s show?

A: The plays and musicals on this site are the result of countless hours of creative work by both playwrights and composers. That the material is written expressly for children doesn’t change the fact that a tremendous amount of time was invested by artists with years of training and experience. When the royalty isn’t paid, then those artists are not paid. Being able to earn money through the licensing of their plays allows artists to continue creating new plays and musicals for children to perform. The payment of a royalty is the ethical thing to do as it’s a statement that there is value in the play, and it acknowledges the blood, sweat, and sometimes tears that went into it. Composers and playwrights are like anyone else who performs a job—they need to be paid. Lastly, a play or musical is owned by the playwright and the composer. Failure to pay royalties is copyright infringement, which is against the law both in the United States and abroad. The penalties for infringement include statutory damages of up to $150,000 per incident. Paying the royalty on the plays or musicals you perform is the right thing to do.

What makes your plays different than other children’s theater sites?

A: A big difference that sets our plays and musicals apart from other children’s theater scripts is that ours were written by playwrights who had the advantage of directing the productions on real live kids. In so doing, writers were able to see where revisions were necessary. The scripts have been fine-tuned, having been produced and reworked over a span of several years. In addition, our shows give each child the opportunity to play a specific role that includes his or her own lines and a musical number, as opposed to a show that offers a handful of leading characters and a chorus of children who serve as background support to the “stars.” In our productions, each cast member has a chance to shine.

How do I get the script and in what format?

A: You must click “Return to A Pocket Full of Plays” on the “Thanks for Your Order” page when you complete your purchase. There you will find each file to download separately or a zip file containing the entire package. This includes a complete printable score as a PDF file, a rehearsal audio file and performance audio file in mp3 format, a Director’s Script, Player’s Script (in editable Microsoft Word format), and a Performance License to print, sign, and return.

Can I get a hard copy mailed to me?

A: Yes. If you pay an additional $20, then we will print off a copy of the script and send it to you via Priority Mail. Express mail would be $20, and if you live outside the United States, please contact us for the rates.

May I cut, edit, or change the play?

A: Yes. The Production Notes that are included in the Director’s Script contain suggestions on how to customize the script to meet the specific needs for your cast. It’s common to have more girls than boys or a larger group than anticipated, so our scripts are easily adaptable to these casting challenges. A number of the roles aren’t gender specific and can be played by either boys or girls.

We have had to cancel our production. Are there refunds?

A: Unfortunately, we do not refund royalties because you have already received all the material. You may reschedule your production to a later date.

What choices do I have if I want to pay by credit card?

A: We are happy to accept payments via PayPal and several major credit cards.

Do you offer help and suggestions for our production?

A: Yes. You can email us at info@musicalsandplaysforkids.com (the more information the better), or call us at (970) 201-6188 (U.S. callers only, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Mountain Time). If you’d like to e-mail a phone number, we’ll be happy to call you.

Do you accept play submissions? If so, how do I submit a play or musical?

A: We are interested in submissions of plays and musicals that support our mission and format. Please submit via email at info@musicalsandplaysforkids.com