A Day at the Circus




Book by Rachel Nelson, Score by James Russell

Young performers will love being a part of the greatest show on earth – the circus! This delightful musical features an array of fun characters who will tickle both the actors and the audiences alike!

Recommended for grade schools.

Step right up folks for the greatest show on earth! Amazing! That’s the only word Millicent can think of to describe the wonders and magic of the circus, and she’s determined to join it as the next great trapeze artist. She sets out on her quest and meets performers in all manner of glitzy costumes. Dazzled, Millicent watches as they tumble, prance, and parade about with funny tricks and flashy kicks. But joining the circus means saying so long to Mom’s home cooking and the sound of Dad chopping wood out back. In a pickle, Millicent gets some good advice from a seasoned menagerie of characters, including some rough roustabouts, beautiful bareback riders, silly clowns, and even a human cannonball. She finally decides, “Oh, I still wanna be in the circus more than just about anything in the world, but I think maybe I’ll wait…at least until after dinner!” Spectators and performers alike will go wild over the fanciful score which includes “Life Under the Big Top,” “Sparks Will Fly,” “When Our Toes are Twinklin’,” and “Gotta Have Some Giggles.” The circus is in town, and as we all know, there’s magic under the big top!


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