Did You Say Dinosaur?




Book by Nelson Fortner, Music and Lyrics by Wesley Meyer

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs! This prehistoric fairytale is a favorite with young actors who love snappy music and crazy, four legged characters!

Recommended for grade schools.

In this rollicking romp through the prehistoric Dapple Dew Valley, dinosaurs frolic and caper the days away until a clan of bizarre little bipedals barge onto the scene. From the crash and “Roar!” of the misunderstood T-Rex and the tail-swishing “Swoosh!” of the Southern belle brontosaurus to the high-kicking “Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!” of the Triceratops, each dinosaur presents a first-rate opportunity for vocal and physical silliness that will be welcome wherever blood-stirring bustle is needed. The colorful, comic Mabugga Clan members are sure to entertain as they scamper across the stage in search of safety. While inaccurate from a natural history perspective, these cavemen and women provide a wry counterpoint to the action. This rib-tickling musical fare offers an array of genres from rock to country including “Kickin’ Back and Feelin’ Mellow,” “Nice Guys Finish Last,” “Big, Bold, and Beautiful,” and “Crazy Days in Dapple Dew Valley.” Come take an enormous step way back in time, but bring your imagination with you!


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