Gruff – Perusal




by Rachel Nelson, Score by Mimi Sparks

Enlisting an expanded cast of inventive characters, this enchanting musical retelling revivifies the old, familiar tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff!

Recommended for grade schools.

The action takes place in a sunny meadow, alive with singing bees and butterflies. Meet Tommy and Tabitha Titmire, two little trolls who don’t have any friends because Pa is always trying to eat them. Of course there must be goats, but in this innovative tale, we have a Mama goat who’s off to look for greener pastures to feed her small herd of hungry baby goats. The burning question in the meadow is did Pa troll gobble up our dear Mama goat when she crossed the bridge? In the end, we discover that underneath our papa troll’s gruff exterior is a soft-hearted soul that, truth be told, has never actually eaten anything more daring than turnip pie. Studded with tuneful melodies, including, “The Things We Have In Common,” “Friends,” and “Rabbit Family March,” this endearing musical will capture children’s interest and spark their imagination while delighting audiences of all ages.

Gruff, Sample Scene

Gruff, Song Sample, Food Chain

Gruff, Song Sample, Troll’s Song

Gruff, Song Sample, Friends


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