Hansel and Gretel




Book and Score by Mimi Sparks

Come wander the woods with Hansel and Gretel in this enchanting musical rendition of the well-known Grimm’s fairy tale.

Recommended for elementary schools.

This version, reveals that our brave young protagonists are not alone as they creep deep into the dark forest in search of berries. Hovering nearby is a delightful and dedicated flock of angels bent on protecting them. Of course there are some pesky crows that eat the trail of bread crumbs left by a conscientious Hansel, but even they come through in the end and help Father find the lost pair. Last to appear on the scene is a very repentant witch, surrounded by gingerbread children and claiming, “Why, I never ate a child in my life. I love little children.” All is forgiven when the witch offers the hungry family a chest filled with seeds for a garden to beat all gardens. A captivating score enhances this tale, composed by the gifted Mimi Sparks. “Crow’s Philosophy,” “Sing and Dance,” and “Celebrate” are just of few of the memorable melodies the production has to offer. For those who love a happy ending, our Hansel and Gretel will take you from the darkness into the light, singing all the while.

Hansel and Gretel, Sample Scene

Hansel and Gretel, Song Sample, The Magic Within

Hansel and Gretel, Song Sample, Sing and Dance

Hansel and Gretel, Song Sample, Celebrate


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