The Biz




Book by Gabriel Congdon, Score by Mimi Sparks

Lights! Camera! Action! Nothing’s more fun than going to the movies, unless it’s watching a toe-tapping musical about the movies.

Recommended for middle schools.

Who said the world of Hollywood moviemaking in the 1930s was a walk in the park? Not Tim Goldman, a struggling young director whose claim to fame is a handful of B movies.

Enter some tough-talking gangsters who mistake Tim for another Goldman who just happens to owe them money. Things go from bad to worse for our down-on-his-luck director when he strikes a deal that involves casting the gangster’s girlfriends, some ditzy dames, in his next movie. The dames are thrilled: “…actin’s just like talkin”!

Just when it seems Tim is about to film the worst movie in cinematic history, enter Sergeant McAfee and his two timid police officers to save the day. Of course, if you’re making a movie, you’ve got to have a crew and some dancers just to keep things moving. “Gangster’s Lament,” “Movie Stars,” and the title song, “The Biz” are just a few of the catchy songs that make up this crowd-pleasing score!


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